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Play Zombie Tsunami PC on PC or MAC for FREE now! This game was released in 2012. It’s an endless arcade game where you are the zombie who is hungry for more brains!

Zombie Tsunami PC: Fun for everyone!

Zombie Tsunami is suitable for anyone who prefers a single-player game, also playable offline. In this game, a big group of zombies is the leading characters who need to eat more brains to collect gold coins. You start off as a lone zombie first, and slowly, you multiply with as many humans as you munch on! This is by far more exciting than any other typical running games! Why? Because it’s way more cool to be the supervillain than to be the goody-two-shoes for once. You get to be on the bad side of the Zombie apocalypse and its wicked fun! The game comprises of great graphics, cool animation, sound effects and colorful backgrounds!

The game is designed to keep players hooked throughout the missions. Check out the game features here. With your big and sharp teeth and your steel will, your horde of zombies will devour the city!

Join in the fun now!

Download Zombie Tsunami PC today!

Zombie Tsunami PC by Mobigame is one of the most downloaded arcade games in Google play store. In fact, it exceeded 200 million players around the world.

This game provides goals and missions before the start of the game. This will attract and give users reason to play it over and over again. The concept of this game is to let the player control the horde of zombies in order to collect more coins. To finish the game, zombies must avoid falling off cliffs, bumping into vehicles, explosions, and helicopters. The more people you devour, the more you can destroy the moving cars with civilians. This translates into you staying alive longer.

Have all your questions about Zombie Tsunami answered in our Knowledge Base – yup, it will do you much good! Access our cheats and hacks if you find yourself getting stumped from clearing a stage well. There are lots of guides and hacks around on the Internet, but we do way better. Check out website for updates on Zombie Tsunami PC so you don’t lose out on the latest information about your favorite game! Also, don’t miss out on super colorful wallpapers that would delight and motivate your gameplay experience!

What are you waiting for? You need to download Zombie Tsunami PC today and take over the corrupted city! Juicy brains await you 😀

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Game Features

  • Easy controls
  • Different styles or causes of losing the game
  • Goals and mission to complete during gameplay.
  • More than 300 missions to overcome
  • Can be played offline.
  • Optimized for mobile phones and different OS.

Download and Play Zombie Tsunami on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots. Screenshot Screenshot

Play Zombie Tsunami PC & MAC FREE now!

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