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Zombie tsunami is an endless scoring game. The aim of the game is to attack the city using zombies and change pedestrians to join your horde of zombies. About Zombie Tsunami: You will encounter obstacles that can make one or more zombies go missing: moving cars, moving helicopters, or bombs that explode when touched. There are also holes where zombies are likely to fall into and earthquakes that will make you sink into the street. 


Zombie Tsunami


The game is about gathering as many people as you can and turn them into zombies. You can get bonuses and turn your horde into a tsunami, dragon, ninjas, UFO’s, quarterback, balloons, gold and many more!

Gather gold coins and brains to add to your ending score and you can use it to purchase skins, hats, characters, accessories, and antidotes. This is about Zombie Tsunami’s zombies being buffed up!


Zombie Tsunami Game



  •      Balloons – you will float and avoid getting hit by a car but not you’re not safe on a bomb.
  •      Dragon – you will become unstoppable and can fly for a limited time.
  •      UFO’s – your zombies will reanimate and will become playable again
  •      Ninjas – your zombies will become ninjas that can cut through obstacles that you will encounter. To secure your fall, you can double jump.
  •      Cyclops you will become a big cyclops monster that can automatically shoot any obstacles with your laser eye
  •      Quarterback you will become unstoppable against anything but not on a pit
  •      Gold anything you bump into will turn into gold and will add to your game score
  •      Tsunami your whole horde of zombies will ride a tsunami and will gather many pedestrians to become zombies!


Grid and Scratch Card

You may be wondering what the deal is with that grid. And here’s the answer – it’s going to fill up whenever you collect one brain. And once the grid is completely filled, you’ll earn yourself a scratch card, which you can then use to redeem a prize. This could be something trivial like a new background or something more substantial and useful. So, keep collecting more brains if you want that grid to fill up faster.

Tips and Tricks

Collect different power-ups, run further and eat more civilians. Eat cars, vehicles, tanks, and buses – munch the survivors inside! (The world’s a cruel place). There are over 400+ different missions to finish, and 9 worldwide locations to challenge your skills.

You need to make sure that you supplement your upgrades to the point where you begin to add zombies on your starter set. You can also upgrade to a group of four zombies at every beginning of your future runs. These four zombies will automatically give you a boost when you are taking down even more civilians and eating up brains.

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Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
Download Zombie Tsunami Now!