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What is Zombie Tsunami? It is an endless arcade runner game whereby you are the head zombie! As a Zombie, you can’t remember who you are and where you came from. You just run aimlessly down the path. Suddenly, it feels as though brains are so delicious, like your favorite food! The only problem is that brains are trapped inside humans’ heads! Pry them up and you slurp up the brain. OKAY. This sounds really disgusting to us right now, but don’t you see that as a zombie, everything changes?
There are countless things available on our site. If you’d like to know more about this unofficial fansite download page, go on ahead to the About Zombie Tsunami page! Wallpapers are a great accessory for your leisure time; whether you’re surfing the net or on your phone. Download the quirky wallpapers via here for your Zombie Tsunami game fix! If you need cheats and hacks for the game, we’ve got it covered, too!