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Your perfect Zombie Tsunami Guide

In this Zombie Tsunami Guide, we will teach you all you need to know about being the world’s best zombie. Firstly, about vehicles. There are three types of vehicles you can run on and throw up to earn you more zombies and brains. Cars will need four zombies to turn over the car, and this action will get you one brain each. Buses need eight zombies to turn over, and it will earn you two brains for each civilian, as well as two more zombies. Tanks can be turned over by 12 zombies, but each tank that you turn over will earn you three brains, as well as three running zombies.

The longer you’re running, the more coins you will get. This will result in you having more chances to have lottery tickets.




You need to complete a number of missions by filling up the potion bottles to have many Coins. We created a list for you below so you will know how many coins you can get. From game to match, from brain to brain, the player has to reach a set of objectives, which make him win trophies, in this order. Read on for the full Zombie Tsunami guide:

Crystal Trophy

  • Cheap Plank Potion = 200 Coins
  • Toxic Tap Water = 300 Coins
  • Elderberry Guts Tonic water =500 Coins
  • Stomach Acid Cider = 600 Coins
  • Fruit Punch with loose teeth = 700
  • Eyeball Soda = 800 Coins
  • Fine Cognac Twice Regurgitated = 900 Coins
  • Scruttock’s Drop Dead Dirigible = 1,000 Coins
  • Brain Nerve Liqueur = 1,300 Coins
  • Single Malt Bile = 1,400 Coins
  • Cham Pain = 1500 Coins
  • Pure Pureed Puritan with Extra Pulp = 1,800 Coins
  • Hell-vian Water = 2,000 Coins
  • Lao Tue’s elixir of Life and Death = 2,200 Coins
  • Frankenstein Lightening in a bottle = 2500 Coins
  • Herbert’s west Finest Reanimating Serum = 4,050 Coins

Bronze Trophy

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +50 Coins

Silver Trophy

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +100 Coins

Gold Trophy

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +150 Coins

Zombie Tsunami Diploma

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +200 Coins


Note: After you get your Diploma, random missions and 16 potion bottles will still be available. You will also get +50 Coins increments, that will make this a great source of Coins!



Lottery Tickets

You can get 100, 200, or 1,500 Coins from lottery tickets.

Scratch these rewards to make your game boost

You may also want to sell you Lottery ticket for just 200 coins.


Coins Car

  •   Turn a vehicle into coins when being touched.
  •   There will be a default chance that is 20% and you can further increase it up to 30% after you get it and Upgrade in the market.
  •   This item will be automatically used on a next game.

Coins Bomb

  •   Bombs can turn into coins when touched
  •   There will be a default chance that is 20% and you can further increase it up to 30% after you get it and Upgrade in the market.
  •   Automatically, this item will be used the next game.

Buy Coins or Pills

For cash users, there will be an optional method.

Different pills will randomly come out on your screen after a game


Connecting the game to your Facebook Account

At the Main menu, you can start by selecting the Friends option and do this at the start of the game so you can get enough coins for your upgrade.

Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
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