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Should I Fuse Birds in Zombie Tsunami?

Should I fuse birds in Zombie Tsunami? Good question! Get to the bottom of this to find out what is even the point.


Fuse birds in Zombie Tsunami


In order to fuse birds in Zombie Tsunami, you have to level up enough to even have the option.


Once you are sufficiently far along, you can combine birds by having three of the same kind. Most forums and friends are with the consensus that it’s a waste of birds to combine them. The game itself suggests in the tutorial that you should fuse birds in Zombie Tsunami, but really what’s the point?


If you combine them, you lose out on more possible hits. Honestly, it feels like a scam. Say, for instance, we have three birds and need to hit multiple items, would it not make more sense to have more projectiles over having one more powerful item?


So many people are fusing birds in Zombie Tsunami and then opting for power-ups or finding a way to buy more birds since they are wasting their own birds on combinations. If you have eggs, hatch them, and they will become a bird.


This seems obvious right? But the cool part is that you can combine the different types of birds to create new eggs. With the new eggs, you might unlock new birds to continue to create a bunch of new types of birds. The downside is that you have to have three of each bird in order to fuse them with another bird. This can feel like a punishing process.


Patience can be the most helpful part of this process since it is necessary to find the birds, cultivate the eggs, and then work through the fusing process.


Should you fuse birds in Zombie Tsunami? We’ve left it pretty open ended for you – make your own choice. Each direction you take reaps pros and cons of their own.

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Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
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