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What does Zombie Tsunami Exceeding Mean?

Are you scratching you head wondering what on earth does Zombie Tsunami exceeding mean? Let us enlighten you!

Zombie Tsunami Exceeding

Exceeding in Zombie Tsunami refers to the number of zombies you have in your hoard/tsunami at any one time.


This is the number of zombies you have not exceed, but there is also a general rule of thumb that your wave should also not exceed six zombies at a time.


There are parts of the game with obstacles that may require more than five zombies, but you should kill them off as soon as you get past the obstacle.


Once you kill off part of your horde, you can get more zombies but gamers continue to state that you should not need more than 6. We haven’t found anything to suggest that exceeding this number would be bad, but it consistently says you only need a max of 6 to get to at least tunnel 4.


A smaller tsunami is easier to control and less likely to cause the player difficulty. Imagine having 30 something zombies in your tsunami! That would be difficult to maneuver! It also makes it hard to avoid things such as bombs.


There are many players who have difficulty getting past the second stage. Their advice? Yep, you got it. Don’t exceed 6 in the tsunami! Having a small horde can provide better views of the game screen, allowing you to avoid dangers, as well as to target victims more easily.

Zombie Tsunami exceeding count shouldn’t be above six or so in order to maximize your strategic plan! Imagine jumping over cliffs with over 30 zombies! They’d rather be deader than dead.

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Download Zombie Tsunami Now!