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What is Easter Island in Zombie Tsunami?

Easter Island in Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Island, sometimes referred to as Zombie Carnaval, is an endless runner video game for IOS and Android that was released on March 31st, 2012. Now also available on PC. What is this Easter island in Zombie Tsunami? Enough wondering. Here’s what it is.


You play as a zombie trying to turn civilians into zombies with the goal of creating the biggest zombie horde. It contains many levels where you run through trying to find civilians. There is a rare level, Easter Island. This level is based on the real world location of Easter Island, which is a Chilean Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.


Easter Island is very famous for its many monumental statues known as Moai.


Zombie Island


In Zombie Island, you can see zombie tribal people (including a chief) who look similar to the Polynesian inhabitants that must have created the moai statues.


You can also see those moai statues and other structures that people associate with the real world Easter Island. It is not all just lovely locales and historic artifacts in the Easter Island level in Zombie Tsunami.


You still have to jump over hazardous pitfalls and avoid giant bombs that are trying to prevent you from turning the Easter Island citizens to be a part of your ever-growing zombie horde. There are also cars and helicopters trying to get in your way and stop you from accomplishing your goal.


Levels change seamlessly in Zombie Tsunami. The Easter Island level is right before a level that resembles Hollywood. Before Easter Island, there is a level resembling an urban locale. The Easter Island level is a fan favorite level amongst the fan communities. There are two missions for the Easter Island level.


The first one is “miss 1 civilian in Easter Island”. To accomplish this you must not eat 1 human or group of humans that are calling for help. The next one is “eat 25 brains in Easter Island”.


To accomplish this just eat as many humans as you can.

Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
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