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What is the Zombie Tsunami Christmas Edition?

‘Tis the season to be frightened, falalalalala! In this Zombie Tsunami Christmas edition, the zombies want to ruin everyone’s Christmases! How horrid.

Zombie Tsunami Christmas Edition

Have you been naughty or good this Christmas season? The zombies do not care. Good or bad, they’ll be eating your brains out! In this Zombie Tsunami Christmas edition, the zombies attack the snowing city! To add an even more twisted gesture, they don the Santa Claus outfits – how dare they! Instead of a hot turkey and apple-baked ham, these ferocious zombies want human brains… No season or Santa will be able to stop them from that!

Players will send zombies racing through a city covered in snow. When they eat the humans, some of them will get converted into Santa Claus faux zombies (so that people won’t scream so much). Their disguises don’t work very well still though, because you’re just running too damn fast.


Zombie Tsunami Gameplay

What is Zombie Tsunami? This gameplay guide will tell you. It’s about a horde of zombies ravaging a city for its brains. You start out as the only zombie at first, and slowly build your army up. With a zombie, there is no right or wrong, no reasoning, no nothing. All they understand is brain language, and you sure look tasty.

My, my. What big brains you have… all the better to eat you up, my dear!” will be what the humans hear if these zombies can speak. So put on your best running shoes and chase down these fresh brains!

Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
Download Zombie Tsunami Now!