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What is Zombie Tsunami?

Just what is Zombie Tsunami? If you’re tired of hearing “oh, about zombies” as an answer, then you need to read this. Zombie Tsunami offers gamers a distinct realm of infinite running games. 


What is Zombie Tsunami?

You start off as a lone zombie, racing your way through the city in order to sustain yourself with brains. Wait, brains? Yep. Human brains. You’re on the wrong side of the zombie apocalypse! But who says being a supervillain is not fun? It’s pretty addictive seeing screaming and panicking civilians running for their lives! There are over 300+ levels that you and your zombie horde can embark on.


There is power in numbers! Run around nine worldwide locations! Find additional coins and add more zombies to your undead gang! With the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, coming your way, you’ll have an even more awesome time running through each level.


As you run through the game, you’ll amass a large gathering of zombies that are capable of turning over vehicles. After you turn over a few vehicles, you’ll cop a few extra brains. The three type of vehicles you come across needs a specific number of zombies to help overturn them.


Check out the list below to know how many zombies you need to turn over automobiles and how many brains you’ll get for taking them down:

  1. Cars take 4 zombies to flip and earn you 1 brain each
  2. Buses take 8 zombies to flip and earn you 2 brains each and 2 zombie runners each
  3. Tanks take 12 zombies to flip and earn you 3 brains each and 3 zombie runners each


As you purchase upgrades, you’ll notice that each upgrade moves up an ever-increasing grid.




Make sure you get your upgrades to the point where you begin to add more zombies to your starter set. You’ll know that you’re getting somewhere when you upgrade to a group of four zombies for the beginning of your future runs.


Those four zombies will certainly give you a boost when you’re taking down even more civilians and eating up brains. Once you start the game, make sure you buy some packs of civilians. Purchasing civilian power up’s and using them immediately will start you off even stronger during your stage run-throughs.


Each brain you collect during play is added to the grid at the end of a game. Fill the grid and you’ll get a scratch card as your reward. Prizes range from new backgrounds to bonus items – so concentrate on collecting brains if you’re trying to save money to spend in store.


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Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
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