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Are you struggling to get more coins? How do you get upgrades faster? Want to get a higher score? Well, this Zombie Tsunami cheats guide will give you tips, tricks, hacks, and strategies on the game, so you can easily accomplish missions!

The game is easy, you just have to infect as many humans as you can to survive. But upgrades are essential so you can get more bonuses and get a higher score with ease. You have to first focus on unlocking upgrades for your zombies. You can get them by collecting as many coins as you can. Have you also been collecting Zombie Tsunami Wallpapers??



How do you get coins faster? You can get coins as you play the game and complete missions however there are other options where you can gain bonus coins without playing.




You’ll be able to get bonus coins every time you log in the game. You might also get 3 Bonus Diamonds as well. (Collect 30 Diamonds to get a Zombird!)

Don’t forget to collect bonus mystery boxes! They could be coins or items that can help upgrade your zombies.

Connecting to your Facebook Account and sharing the game is also an option in getting more bonus coins. Just go to the Coins section in the Market and choose the “Mobigame Facebook.”

You can get a lottery ticket using the brains earned to get a chance to win a huge amount of coins and/or bonuses. Or you can sell them for a hundred coins.

Another option is to purchase coins with real money like the “Coin Bombs” and “Coin Cars.” This bonus lets you double the number of coins you have earned in the game.




DISCLAIMER: Just a friendly reminder, CHEATING IS FOR LOSERS!  It’s more fun to play the game legally.

The fastest and easiest way to get coins? You can use the Zombie Tsunami Hack Online Cheat Tool. ( http://gamingprogrammers.com/zombie-tsunami-method/ )




Timing is everything in this game. You must strategize the time your zombies jump and the time they land so you wouldn’t lose that many zombies. For a short jump, just a quick tap will do. But to survive a long jump, you need to tap and hold your finger a bit longer on the screen then release to drop them. You can also do this with Dragon Bonus.





Just concentrate on the zombies in the front for a successful landing.

Although some items on the market can be useful, you have to remember to save your coins! Do not purchase any items from the market unless it’s needed for a mission. Focus on purchasing the skills for your bonuses, extended versions, and other upgrades to help increase the survival of your zombies.

Need more brains? Here are some Zombie Tsunami cheats! You will have to buy an upgrade that lets you have multiple zombies at the start of your game. This will allow you to flip over many cars at the beginning. And remember, you can get two brains when you flip over a bus and three brains when you flip over a tank.

You can also try this trick in gaining more brains. You will get instant two brains at the start of your game when you avail two zombies. Let your zombies get killed. Wait for the screen to flash and when it does, tap it multiple times for a quick restart and you can get two bonus brains every after few seconds!

Can’t wait to play Zombie Tsunami and try out these cool tips, tricks and Zombie Tsunami cheats? Enjoy your gaming experience and Download Zombie Tsunami for PC here!

Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
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