Zombie Tsunami Game Guide: Be the Ultimate Best Player

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Zombie Tsunami Game Guide

Our team put together the Zombie Tsunami game guide just for you. Get in-depth analysis for your favorite Zombie Tsunami characters! How about the latest updates by the game developer, Mobigame? Check out the exclusive cheats and hacks for the game! This Zombie Tsunami game is an endless-runner zombie game and has proudly exceeded millions of players around the world. Take your place in a crowd of rampaging undead and get ready with zombie riots! Download Zombie Tsunami and start playing now!

If you have already downloaded the game, you may want to read on about the Zombie Tsunami characters guide and builds! Carry on and read about the latest updates on Zombie Tsunami game development stages! We’ve also got priceless cheats and hacks all inside this amazing Zombie Tsunami game guide to make your gaming experience fun and easy. 

Zombie Tsunami Characters

Among all the zombie game out there, it’s completely different from the others you’re not shooting zombies to survive. Zombie Tsunami is a never-ending runner zombie game consisting of all kinds of zombirds, power-ups, background, and missions.

Zombirds are pets in the game that cannot be affected by bombs, vehicles or holes. They are divided into 5 different classes namely: Classic, Super, Hyper, Ultra, and Legendaries.

Power-ups turn consists of 10 different kinds namely Rider Z, Mecha, Tsunami, Giant Z, Dragon, Quarterback, Ninja, Gold, U.F.O, and Balloon.

There are more than 300 missions to finish. Completing each mission will unlock different kinds of background. Backgrounds consists of 10 different variety namely: Specific Places Tunnel, The Beach, Los Angeles, Easter Island, Rushmore, Mexico (Aztec), Paris, The Himalayas, New York and Egypt.

It’s fun and addictive playing and trying some random power-ups that will significantly alter your play for a while. To make it easy for you, our team decided to compile all the information and our analysis of it. As we work out the best combinations we hope this guide serves as an effective tool for all our readers. Find out all you need to know about each cards here!

–> More Information about the Zombie Tsunami Characters

Zombie Tsunami Cheats and Hacks

Lastly, we bring you the most searched items for the game. Zombie Tsunami cheats and hacks! Find out how you can get free coins and free diamonds in the game. Read about the tips we have for you to win the game. Click here to find out more!

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We hope you enjoyed reading our Zombie Tsunami game guide!

Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
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