Zombie Tsunami Zombirds

Holy moly! Is it a flock of Zombie Tsunami Zombirds flying overhead?


What are Zombie Tsunami Zombirds?


These Zombie Tsunami Zombirds are your companions in the game. They will help you gain more brains and even protect your zombies! They are upgrades that cannot be easily destroyed. There are over 22 different kinds of Zombirds which are classified into five groups. These are the Classic Zombirds, Super Zombirds, Hyper Zombirds, Ultra Zombirds, and Legendary Zombirds. Each group consists of 3-6 awesome Zombirds with their own special features.





You can get them in the market for only 30 Diamonds. Other birds can be unlocked by fusing two different birds but you’ll get a mystery Zombird. You will need 500 Coins to be able to use the Fusion feature. If you get a duplicate, that bird will get an upgrade. Each Zombird can only be upgraded up to 3 levels.




Let’s check out the possible Zombirds you can get!



Classic Zombirds

The Classic Zombirds are the basic ones. The first on the list is the Pauper Zombird. This Zombird can let you gain two coins in a span of time. In the first level upgrade, you can get 2 coins every after 24 seconds. In the next level, you can get coins every after 20 seconds. And in the last level, you can get them every after 16 seconds.

The second Classic Zombird is the Brain Zombird. It can help you get extra human brains in the game! In the first level, this Zombird can only give you one brain. But as you level up, you’ll get more bonus human brains!

The third Zombird on the list is the Zombird Bomb. Now, this Zombird can help you get more coins by converting bombs into bonus coins as you play the game! The first level upgrade can only change up to 5% of the bombs. The second level increases to 8% and the last level up to 10%.


Punk Zombird


Up next is the Punk Zombird. They can change vehicles into bonus coins! Just like the Zombird Bomb, the number of vehicles that can be converted increases as you level up. It starts at 5% then you can upgrade up to 10%.

The second to the last on this list is the Pterodactyl. This Zombird can give you civilians as you play the game but you have to reach a certain distance to be able to get them. In the first level upgrade, you can get an extra civilian at Tunnel 3. In the second level, you’ll be able to get one at Tunnel 2. And once this Zombird gets a full upgrade, you can already get civilians right from the start of the game!

Worried about losing zombies? Not to worry! You can bring a zombie back by using the Fairy Zombird! This is the kind of Zombird that lets you revive a zombie for every end of the game. However, at first, you only have a 50% chance of getting a zombie back. But as you level up, it increases the chances of reviving a zombie up to 100%!

Super Zombirds

Super Zombirds is the second group. They have more awesome features than the Classic ones. Let’s take a look at each of them!

First, we have the Banker Zombird. It can give you bonus coins as you reach a Perfect Stage in the game. The first level starts at two bonus coins and one coin is added as you level up. You can get up to 4 bonus coins!

Next is the Zombird Crate Bonus. With this Zombird, your bonuses will get extra seconds! The first upgrade lets you use your bonus for 4 seconds. But as you level up, your bonuses can last up to 6 seconds!

The third Super Zombird is the Robot Zombird. Now, this Zombird helps your zombies go through obstacles and destroy everything in their path with lasers! However, it only shoots laser beams in a span of time. In the first level, the laser beams can only shoot every after 25 seconds. The time decreases by 5 seconds as you level up!

The last Super Zombird on the list is the Giant Fairy Zombird. This is the Super Zombird version of the Fairy Bird. This can help you bring a zombie back at the end of every game but this time, you can get even more zombies! The first upgrade gives you a 50% chance of getting two zombies. The next upgrade can give you a 100% chance of getting two zombies. And the full upgrade can give you 100% of getting three zombies!

Hyper Zombirds

Can’t get enough of the bonuses? You’ll definitely want the Hyper Zombirds! Here are the five different Hyper Zombirds on this list that you can get.

First, we have the Magnet Zombird. You won’t worry about not getting enough coins with this Zombird because they can get it for you! Just like a magnet, this Zombird can attract the coins you can get in the game. The number of coins that this Zombird can get increases up to 100% as they level up!

Next is the Wise Old Brain Zombird. This is a more upgraded version of the Brian Zombird. It can give you more bonus human brains as you play the game! At first, you’ll only get four brains. You’ll get one bonus brain as the level of your Zombird increases.


Big Zombird

This next Zombird will give you the chance of getting more coins as you eat a civilian. It’s none other than the Big Zombird! You’ll get a 20% chance of gaining three coins whenever you eat a civilian. The chances do not increase though but the amount of coins increases up to five coins when you get the full upgrade!

The fourth Hyper Zombird on the list is the Cool Zombird Crate Bonus. This is way cooler than the Zombird Crate Bonus obviously. With this Zombird, you can use your bonuses even longer. The first level starts at 8 seconds and it increases up to 10 seconds longer at the last upgrade!

The last Hyper Zombird is the Wild Pterodactyl. This Zombird can help you get more civilians in the game. You can get three extra civilians at first and one civilian increases as your Zombird levels up. You can get up to five civilians!

Ultra Zombirds

Some of these Zombie Tsunami Zombirds are like the upgraded versions of the Super Zombirds. And they are ultra-awesome! There are only four kinds of Ultra Zombirds.

The Stingy Banker Zombird is the first one on this list. It can give you more coins every time you reach a Perfect Stage. In the first upgrade, you’ll be able to collect 6 coins but at the next level, you’ll get four extra civilians! That’s right! Civilians! And in the full upgrade, you can get up to five civilians!

You can get even more coins with this next Ultra Zombird because they can convert more bombs to bonus coins. Yep, it’s the Stylish Zombird Bomb! The number of bombs that will be converted at first is at 12% but as you upgrade this Zombird, it can reach up to 20%!

Need more coins? You might want to have the Punk Aviator Zombird as well! This Zombird can convert vehicles to coins and just like the Stylish Zombird Bomb, the first level upgrade starts at 12% and you can also reach up to 20% once you get the full upgrade!

The last Ultra Zombird is the Clock Zombird. Now, this is a new kind of Zombird. This can slow down your zombies every time you get a bonus. At the first level, the speed decreases to 4 seconds. You’ll be able to get an extra second as you level up!

But wait there’s more!

Legendary Zombirds

These are the mightiest Zombie Tsunami Zombirds of all time and there are three of them! They do not have upgrade levels or any time limit because they are Legendary after all!

First Legendary Zombird is the Super-Size Zombird. You’ll definitely get a lot of coins with this Zombird because it can unleash a tsunami of bonus coins!

Next, we have the Super Bird! This Zombird will help you hunt civilians, protect you by shooting laser beams, can give you bonus human brains and destroy everything in its path as you play the game. This is the most powerful Legendary Zombird!

And last but not the least, there is the Pretty Fairy. This Legendary Zombird is a combination of the Zombird Bomb, Fairy Zombird, and the Punk Zombird. You can bring a zombie back and this Zombird can also convert bombs and vehicles to bonus coins!

Want to upgrade your Zombie Tsunami gaming experience? You can Download Zombie Tsunami for PC here!


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Download Zombie Tsunami Now!
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